About Us

Żywiec was founded in 1965 by Kś Kazio Grzymała and Pani Irena Różycka as part of the Polish Millennium Youth Club in Ealing. In 1976 Andrzej Sagajllo took over as choreographer and led the group for over 30 years, followed by his daughter Klara Sagajllo in 2006, Dara Stringham in 2008 and is now under the artistic direction of Marta Tatol. We also have junior groups run by Maria Cieslak, Marta Sagajllo and Marta Tatol.


Our weekly rehearsals are lively and fun. We start with a 15min warm-up followed by an hour-and-a-half of choreography. To finish, we spend about 30min improving our singing and learning new songs.